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Taming the Tongue


So – How important is your tongue?  Without it you can’t really taste anything, but with it you can say anything you choose.  Of course, without it we wouldn’t get into as much trouble as we do.  The tongue is probably more far reaching than any other body part.  It truly is a body part but it’s also a loud tool for expressing ourselves (Your tongue is also a piece of technology).  But the reality is that what comes out of our mouth is only one method of expression.  Understanding how we express ourselves, and how the words we speak factor into that expression is an important part of self-awareness – and without healthy self-awareness, we will have difficulty getting along with other people.

Sunday we are kicking off one of the most important message series we have ever done – on this very subject.  See you at 8:45 or 10:30. 



Why work so hard to succeed just to blow it?

Why do we often go backwards when we have experienced a level of success?  After all, when we are successful doesn’t it make sense that we would pour our energy into staying successful?  I’ve wondered about this a lot as I have to admit that I haven’t always sustained the success achieved in my life.  Then again, there are those who seem to be totally unable to handle success.

The ability to handle and to sustain success over the long term is a gift – a gift that unfortunately not everyone accepts.  Obviously Gideon, his army, and the nation of Israel reached a level of success against the Midianites and the way they handled that success gives us some very clear lessons. 

Come Sunday morning to discover 3 critical steps to sustain success once you have achieved it.  See you at 8:45 or 10:30.


See the Leader, Be the Leader

So, you are a leader.  You may not feel like one.  You may not think you look like one but in God’s economy you are one.  He has given you certain assignments in which your responsibility is to lead others.  At the very minimum, you are called to lead in your family.  You are also called to lead in your neighborhood.  You may be called to be a leader at work, on your volunteer athletic team, in a civic role, in church, among friends, etc.  So I can confidently tell you that you are called to be a leader.

In Gideon’s journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, he discovered that contrary to his own opinion he too was called to be a leader.  We’ll take a look this Sunday morning at what he learned and how he executed his leadership.  But before you get the wrong idea about leadership, let me tell you that leadership has more to do with serving others than it is about exerting power.

See you at 8:45 or 10:30.


How Do You Drop Dead Weight?

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Have you ever thought that you had too much of anything?  Too much money?  Too much fame?  Too much anger?  Too much energy?  Is it possible that even when we have something big to accomplish – something that we may even be excited about – and we’re really prepared, that we may even have too much of something we think we really need in order to make it happen?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it before.  For example, if I have a trip of nearly any distance more than 100 miles, I like to gas up my tank before I leave home.  If I’m coaching my youth soccer team, I want to make sure they are SO prepared – particularly when we are playing bigger and stronger teams.  If I stay overnight away from home, I take my pillow with me!  I like to be prepared!

Well — this past week we talked about overcoming our biggest fears. The truth is that to help Gideon overcome his fear of leading others into battle, God cut Gideon back on the most valuable resource a warrior military leader could have going into battle.  Not only did God cut that resource back – He cut it almost completely OUT!  What would Gideon learn?  How would he respond?  Better question for us:  What would WE learn? And how would WE respond?

Let’s talk about it this coming Sunday in the second message in our series called Zero to Hero:  How God Turns the Ordinary into Extraordinary.  See you this coming Sunday at 8:45 or 10:30! 




What is your biggest fear?

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So, what is the single greatest fear that you have in your life right now?  What is it keeping you from doing? 

Gideon’s story is a story of great change.  He started out as a fairly ordinary (and many of us can deal with that) man and then he decided, almost reluctantly, to follow God’s plan for his life.  But first, he had to overcome some fear.  The way that he did that is actually a bit surprising.  His story is one that we all can connect and relate with. 

Join us Sunday morning at 8:45 or 10:30 and again at 6PM in Life Changes, as we learn about how to turn our fears into courage.

See Ya Sunday,


Dealing with Different Folks

How did the new Christians in the early church handle difference among themselves?  I’m talking about not just differences of opinion but differences in culture, nationalities, religion, color, and creed.  Things didn’t go too smoothly for the church but as they learned how to apply the principles of Christ they figured it out.  Things aren’t a whole lot different today, as this situation poses great challenges for the church of the 21st century.

Make sure you join us this week as we look at this “not so unique” challenge of the early church and the church of today.

See you at 8:45 or 10:30 and remember please be patient with our construction and renovations as they are still going on.


Church That Works

The early church had a lot of issues and problems.  Many of those issues and problems threatened to hinder the church from its inception.  Today’s church also has many issues and problems, we at Integrity are not immune to them.  This week we begin a series called ‘Church that Works’ in which we will look at a number of topics and what the Bible tells us about them.  Among them…. 

  • Relationships with those that we get along with and those that we may not get along with
  • Races and racism
  • Dealing with young people effectively
  • Helping those with hurts, habits, and hang-ups to find positive sustainable change

So, join us this Sunday as we kick off an exciting new church year – 8:45 or 10:30.

See Ya Then,